Hello there beautiful!  Nice to see you.  

I'm Sarah.  

Thanks for stopping by the site.  If you're here you must be thinking about doing a shoot for yourself or the significant person in your life.  First let me tell you to stop thinking!  Trust me, it is the most fun, empowering, self confidence boosting thing you can do for yourself.  

I promise.  

I know what you're thinking....I hate how I look in pictures, I need to lose 20 pounds, I'm too shy, I would never look good enough....STOP.  You are undervaluing yourself and your beauty.  

Every woman has what it takes to do this.  It's true.  

Will you be nervous?  Sure, but that will fade quickly.  You'll be having so much fun you will forget why you were so worried in the first place.

Let me tell you what every woman feels after her shoot.........

Amazing.  Confident.  Radiant.  Powerful.  Worthy.  

Why you ask?  Because investing in yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, and seeing yourself through somebody else's eyes (and lens) gives you a new perspective.  A real one.  Not the one that we project on ourselves daily.  

Before your shoot you will be pampered by a professional stylists, sip champagne, listen to music and just relax.  Once we start shooting I will show you an image or two from the back of the camera. No retouching, no manipulation, just you rocking it!  This is the when the "Holy Crap!" generally sets in.  I get OMG's, is that really me? I'm so pretty! and an occasional tear.  

This is when the confidence starts and keeps building during the session.  This is going to change the way you see yourself.  It's life changing ladies.  

If this sounds like an amazing day you'd like to have I'd love to get you some more information.  

Simply click the link below to get instant details/pricing on a photo shoot with me sent straight to your inbox.